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DrugTec conducts Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing. We offer both Oral Fluid and Urine Based testing options and these tests can be done in our Downtown Auckland offices or at your Workplace. Testing can be for Pre-Employment, Post -Incident, Reasonable-Cause or Random Testing.    

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Our Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

Workplace Drug Testing

Oral Fluid Testing

Oral Fluid is the 'NEW' way of testing for drug impairment in the workplace. It is a non-invasive method that is more comfortable for the party being tested. NZS 4760:2019, the new Oral Fluid Standard, has just come into effect and our Drager DrugCheck 3000 has been verified to this Standard.

$99.00 + GST

Urine Testing

Urine Testing is an easy way of testing for Drug use.  

Our screening device is verified under the AS/NZS 4308:2008. 

$89.00 + GST

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Should a 'non-negative' result be the answer to the Screen test then Lab tests are required to establish the level of drugs in the system. This is a Urine based test that gets sent off to Canterbury Health Laboraties.

$165.00 + GST

Breath Alcohol Testing

We conduct Breath Alcohol Testing. Testing can either be done at your workplace or at our office.   Our Breathalysers are highly accurate and give a numerical reading. A companies Heath & Safety Policy should outline an acceptable/unacceptable level.     

Breathalyzer Test
Lab Testing
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Oral Fluid or Urine Testing


What the the difference? 

What are the advantages/disadvantages?

A Look at the Industry’s Latest Methods

NZS 4760:2019, the new Oral Fluid Standard, has just come into effect. It allows for a less invasive method of testing where the individual getting tested has a mouth swab taken. This is opposed to the Urine Test, which is the pee-in-the-pot method, which can be uncomfortable and de-grading for the person being tested as the testing standard requires the tester to observe the entire process. 

Where Cannabis is concerned Oral Fluid has the advantage that the impairment time and the time taken to metabolise are alot closer aligned. Depending on the individual and the consumption levels Cannabis can take weeks or months to metabolise through the Urinary System. This can deem an individual unfit for work even though they are not impaired.

Oral Fluid has a 6-8 hour period where the individual will test 'negative' this is alot closer aligned to the impairment period. 


 So workers are not going to be punished for failing a drug test for Cannabis weeks or months after they were last impaired. 

Drager DT5000

For Oral Fluid testing we use the Drager Drug Test 5000. It is a German Drug Testing machine used extensively throughout the world. The Australian Police currently use the DT5000 for roadside drug testing. 


The DT5000 tests for the main Drug Groups, Methamphetamines, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Cannabis, Opiates & Benzodiazepines. A test takes approx 15 mins. 


Central Auckland Office 

IOur Central Auckland Office is available for individuals or groups to have Oral Fluid tests conducted by appointment. A test takes 15 mins and is conducted in a pleasant office surroundings. A test can be booked by emailing us at enquiries@drugtec.co.nz or calling 0800 746384

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