Our Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

Oral Fluid Testing

Oral Fluid is the 'NEW' way of testing for drug impairment in the workplace. It is a non-invasive method that is more comfortable for the party being tested. NZS 4760:2019, the new Oral Fluid Standard, has just come into effect and our Drager DT5000 has been verified to this Standard. 

$115.00 + GST

Urine Testing

Urine Testing is an easy way of testing for Drug use.  

Our screening device is verified under the AS/NZS 4308:2008.

$80.00 + GST

Lab Testing

Should a 'non-negative' result be the answer to the Screen test then Lab tests are required to establish the level of drugs in the system. This is a Urine based test that gets sent off to Canterbury Health Laboraties.

$165.00 + GST

Breath Alcohol Testing

We conduct Breath Alcohol Testing. Testing can either be done at your workplace or at our office.   Our Breathalysers are highly accurate and give a numerical reading. A companies Heath & Safety Policy should outline an acceptable/unacceptable level.     

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